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Closing the sales will be like a piece of cake for you if you just want to win

No matter who you are - a newcomer or an entrepreneur wishing to extend the market or search for the new business, growth, or great success - if you are ready to win, just join us. We will reassure you that opportunity is all around you and closing the sales is so easy like a piece of cake.

At the information age, information is very vital. However, gaining the information that is qualified and can satisfy your demands is not that easy. Therefore, several organizations have physically and financially invested to obtain such information. Unfortunately, the results are usually very disappointing. For example, they hire the employees or teams or even the marketing research companies to survey the information. Nevertheless, the gained information are incomplete, incorrect, duplicated, and even outdated. All of these reasons inevitably lead to the failure.

So, again, we would like to address that if you are ready and want to win, why must you choose iCONS?

"iCONS - Heart of Success"
"Our main duty is to always pump and provide you with information and opportunity for your business."
iCONS Marketing

Time saving

Many of you might waste time for searching the information - you have to go to the sites to collect the information or you have to hire the marketing research companies for the information survey. No more time wasting! We have the information availble for you for the complete coordination e.g. names, addresses, and contact numbers of the project owners, architects, and contractors.

Cost saving on sales and marketing

Just imagine how you can save the costs if we provide you with the information of the new construction or renovation projects in 77 provinces throughout Thailand covering the projects of the residence, condominiums, office buildings, industrial factories, warehouses, hotels, hospitals, educational institutes, department stores, roads, bridges, and so on.

Market expansion, access to new markets, and new opportunities

You may think that you know the market you pass everyday well and there's nothing new in such market anymore. That's because you may not walk throughout the market or you don't realize that there are still other markets. Are you ready to join us now?

Effectively and proactively approaching the projects

Having the information in hand will make you more advantageous than the competitors. Don't wait for the opportunities because the things coming to you might not be the opportunities.

Excellent sales records and regular follow up

The sales efficiency is not depending only on the salespersons or good sales techniques. So, to achieve the effective, successful, and sustainable sales, you inevitably need the excellent sales records and regular follow up.

Precise and updated information

The good and qualified information should consist of these five components - meeting the demands of the customers, correctness, completeness, no duplicates, and always updates. If you overlook these five cores, your information will become unfortunately useless.

Lower risks on decision making and operation

Imagine, three businessmen have to make the most vital decision for their business. The first businessman has neither experience nor information; the second one has experience but no information while the third one has both experience and information. Then, ask yourself who you would like to be?

Focus on primary target groups

Although the diversification marketing is useful because it seems to cover all the target groups, the target group penetration, on the other hand, might be remarkably recognized as the most effective and innovative marketing strategy.

Awareness of market trends and competitive analysis

Like it is stated in the Sun Tzu's The Art of War that 'One who knows the enemy and knows himself will not be in danger and will even conquer in a hundred battles,' if you want to win in the war of competition, you must be aware of the market trends and can excellently analyze the competition.

Planning and cost management

The profits of your business are depending on the good planning and effective cost management. However, good planning and cost management cannot be utterly achieved without good information.