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Opportunity is all around you. It then depends on you whether you will grasp it or not.

During these few years, we, Information Construction Co., Ltd. or iCONS, have always believed that we have been sustainably and continuously grown up because we have the professional and efficient teams. That's why we deliberately pay much importance to the recruitment because we don't want to have the smart staffs who are selfish; we don't want to hire the experienced staffs who don't want to learn new things for further development; and actually we don't want to work with the talkative staffs who cannot properly work.

So, if you want to grasp this opportunity and desire to be successful with us, please simply send your personal details, photo, profile, work portfolio, and all things you want us to learn about you to to join our team.


Our ideal sales team must ...
  • Determinedness and discipline
  • Sincerity and honesty
  • Keeping of their words with best offers provided for the customers
  • Support for the success of the customers
Our research and survey team must ...
  • Experience on marketing research or information survey
  • Neutral attitudes and no-bias reports
  • Being observant and attentive
  • Co-ordination for the mutual benefits between us and the informants
Remark: For the regional research and survey team, the team staffs should be the local ones.
Our accounting and financial team must...
  • Profound knowledge and skills on accounting and finance
  • Honesty
  • Deliberation and carefulness
  • Adherence to the rules, principles, and rightness
Our IT team must ...
  • Ethics
  • Creativity and development skills
  • Ability to communicate with two languages i.e. computer language and user language