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About Us

iCONS is the first company in Thailand providing the database of construction projects covering both the government and private sectors.

Since the establishment in 2005, we have tremendously gained the trust and support from the architectural companies and real estate development companies in Thailand. Today, iCONS has become the leader in providing the construction project database. With the readiness, professional works, and direct experience in the construction industry, database management, and IT proficiency of our teams,

we currently have over 80,000 projects available in our system. Each project has the value from over Baht 4 million to Baht 100,000 million. We also have the lists of over 10,000 contractor companies, design companies, real-estate development companies, and government bodies. We can guarantee you that iCONS is the first and the only company that provides the information services in various forms e.g project site maps, construction site pictures, etc. As a result, you can conveniently access the projects and can be confident that the projects in our system are available, truly existing, and reliable.

"Our team experienced professionally more than 10 years."
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iCONS Marketing


  • Established since 2005
  • Provides the database services related to new construction projects of government and private sectors nationwide in forms of magazine and website for the members
  • Publicizes the construction works to the architectural companies, contractor companies, and real-estate development companies
  • Acts as the service center co-ordinating for the construction materials and equipment in Thailand


  • To maintain the leadership on providing the qualified and ethical construction project database while applying the advanced technology for the most satisfactory and efficient benefits
  • To build the networks harmoniously and effectively connecting the real-estate developers, designers, architects, contractors, manufacturers and distributors of construction materials and supplies for the perfect interdependent cycle of cooperation


  • To be highly self-devoted and determined to develop our services continuously
  • To maintain the benefits and provide the utmost satisfaction for all members and stakeholders


  • To securely and sustainably satisfy all needs of the customers based on qualified information, effective procedures, and ethics
  • To serve with willfulness and care for the highest benefits of all customers


  • Persistence in the policy of qualified and ethical services
  • Professional teams having direct experience on information services, construction industry, and IT proficiency
  • Regional construction project information regularly collected by our local teams nationwide
  • As a Thai-national company located in Thailand, we are totally flexible to adjust and satisfy your needs easily and promptly


  • Adherence to ethics and morality
  • Great discipline
  • Focus on duties and responsibilities
  • Honesty and sincerity
  • Gratefulness and loyalty
  • Eagerness to learn new things